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Grow your BGA's business through the use of our exclusive resources and sales tools, and our established relationships with more than 20 top insurance carriers.


Our 40-year history in the insurance industry provides your BGA with unparalleled knowledge and connections, as well as industry-leading competitive tools and growth opportunities.


BGAs, insurance carriers, and industry leaders benefit from our collaborative culture, providing extensive training and education opportunities in everything from underwriting and operations to sales and marketing.

The Strength of Many. The Power of One.

LifeMark Partners, Inc. is an independent insurance marketing organization that unites brokerage general agencies, insurance carriers and industry leaders through unparalleled partnership, expertise, and access. Contact us today to discuss how we may bring value and growth to your business.

5 Questions for LifeMark Partners

How can LifeMark Partners help expedite and enhance the underwriting process?

LifeMark Partners is devoted to maintaining and expanding elite underwriting resources to help increase the placement of your producers' business. Through our partnership, you gain access to Swiss Re and Hannover Re Underwriting Manuals, our proprietary QuoteShop dashboard, our medical director, and exclusive reinsurance programs.

How will LifeMark Partners help grown and train our agency staff?

LifeMark Partners is a strategic alliance of BGAs, insurance carriers, and industry leaders that offers an expansive network of intellectual capital. Affiliated partners benefit from a robust range of educational forums, sales training programs and personal connections. We were the first IMO in our industry to provide partner BGAs a business consultant to help optimize business development and marketing capabilities.

How can LifeMark Partners streamline our product selection process for producers?

Through LifeMark Partners, you can instantly survey the market to identify the top products for your case in a matter of seconds to dramatically reduce the number of illustrations you output while quickly and thoroughly creating case designs for your producers. Plus, you will receive new product evaluations within 48 hours of their release that you can distribute to your producers for the first-to-market advantage.

What turnkey sales and marketing tools are available through LifeMark Partners to grow my life insurance distribution?

Through LifeMark Partners, tap into a library of more than 3,600 marketing pieces with your brand to enhance professionalism without promoting a carrier! Distribute materials, track open rates and target follow-up initiatives based on producer activity to boost your sales and engagement. Additional resources include turnkey advanced sales presentations and proprietary policy review materials for personal, business and trust-owned policies.

How will my business and producers benefit from LifeMark Partners' carrier relationship?

The underlying relationship between your IMO and insurance carriers has a direct impact on the resources, compensation and services you may receive. LifeMark Partners is a recognized industry leader consistently ranked in the top 3 of the many leading insurance carriers we represent. While some IMOs may capitalize on this stature by collecting six-figure checks from carriers to pay-for-play on their platforms, we encourage and hold our carriers accountable for investing comparable sums directly with our affiliated partners to support their training, marketing, and agency growth endeavors. Additional benefits to your BGA of these long-lasting carrier relationships include dedicated points-of-contact with leading carriers to streamline underwriting and new business processing, invitations to exclusive training resources and events to continuously equip your team with the latest innovations, strategies, and more.

LifeMark Partners, Inc.

LifeMark Partners, Inc. exists to leverage Partner, Carrier, and Industry resources to enhance and expand life insurance distribution for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Carrier Relationships

Discover the benefits of our long-lasting, strategic relationship with more than 20 top insurance carriers for life, annuity and LTC. Learn More.

40-Year History

Tap into product knowledge, industry connections, and innovations four decades in the making. Learn More. 

Sales & Marketing

Brand your BGA through more than 3,600 turnkey marketing pieces, advanced sales presentations and proprietary policy review tools. Learn More.

Enhanced Underwriting Support

Access exclusive, dedicated underwriting resources, including underwriting manuals and our designated medical director, to streamline and produce the most favorable outcome possible for your cases. Learn More.

Product Knowledge & Case Design

Leverage our industry-leading competitive intelligence, reporting, and benchmarking tools to convey instant value and streamline illustrations. Learn More.

Education & Training

Experience our culture of collaboration through various forums throughout the year, sharing best practices ranging from underwriting and operations to sales and marketing. Learn More.